Christopher Marmolejo, Tarot / Intuitive Healer

Chris final_1-3 No noise - Christopher MarmolejoI am Chris Marmolejo, a queer Latinx healer and interpretive artist committed to radical community healing and building.

I seek to liberate through critical pedagogy, client consultations and transgressive truth-telling.

I am determined to integrate and honor physical, mental and spiritual wellness.Spiritual well-being is often disregarded, deeply oppressed, or culturally appropriative. To be truly free we must reclaim, embolden and express the bright essence of this spirit. To this work, I am committed.

I love using tarot to help clients come to profound realizations of truth and make new meaning for themselves. The reading is a form of consultation aimed towards healing by creating connection. By holding out a hand, I aim to calm the client as we dive into the deep waters of the subconscious to explore the deep emotions, the creative imagination, and the deepest source of faith. I seek to help clients resolve inner conflict by recognizing truth, and I use the tarot as a tool help clients build themselves anew with symbolic understanding.


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