Naa-Dodua Ankrah, Oracle

20200624_140800 - Aspire OneTwenty years of working in the natural foods industry while learning, practicing and teaching Reiki. Ten of those years were spent learning, practicing and teaching Meditation and Thai Yoga (Massage). In 2016 I began studying and teaching Yoga (200hr cert.) specializing in restorative, yin and children’s trauma informed Yoga. In 2019 I dropped everything and began offering Divination through Tarot full time. Tarot is a beautiful medium to help me bring all of these practices together to make a more sustainable way for me to connect with you and Spirit.
I believe that illness often has roots in not having full authentic expression of our super powers. Once we can get a line on our authenticity, we can begin to become more whole and begin to heal. It is from that place that we can begin to powerfully connect with ourselves, our local and global family, friends and community, the collective consciousness and the Multiverse with Compassionate Understanding.

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