Teaira Ridgeway, Master Dream Interpreter & Psychic Medium

PicsArt_08-23-06.59.25 - Teaira RidgewayTeaira is a master dream interpreter, professional numerologist and psychic medium. Her business, Queens with LIT Dreams merges Teaira’s unique psychic abilities for powerful spiritual coaching as well as intuitive logo design that tune in to the soul of a business. As a seasoned psychic medium, Teaira is able to guide her clients to the right modality which will offer the best healing experience on their journey.

Teaira’s coaching style has been described as “infusing the humanity into spirituality.” She brings her light, fun attitude to even the heaviest of topics, helping her clients feel energized and positive as they heal and grow.

With a bachelor’s degree in Child and Family Studies and 20+ years of experience in dream interpretations; Teaira continued in her spiritual study by getting a second bachelor’s degree from the University of Sedona in Metaphysical Science along with becoming an Ordained Minister in the International Metaphysical Ministry. Today, Teaira is working on her Masters’ and Ph.D. in Metaphysical Counseling, with her heart set on opening an International Healing Center, offering a home and healing space to foster children and families in lower-income communities.

Teaira will be offering her dream interpretations and psychic readings at the Rainbow Bridge Healers Market!



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