December 19 & 20

Rainbow Bridge Healers Market

Winter Solstice 2020, December 19 & 20

12pm-8pm PST / 3pm-11pm EST

Online / Worldwide


We are seers, healers, mystics, artists, community leaders and most importantly we are good-hearted people that wish to usher in the new way.

Many of us are waking up from a capitalist dream as systems break down. We are all faced with the systematic racism and violence that oppresses our black and brown kin. Rather than allow apathy to overshadow our viewpoint of a changing world, we must work together to liberate ourselves.

As we heal, we melt numbness from our heart. As we heal, we connect to our humanity thus seeing the humanity in others. As we heal, we reach for deeper levels of truth. As we heal, we learn not only to advocate for ourselves, but for the life and wellness of all.

We gather together all types holistic practitioners and healing artists to celebrate our ability to support and heal ourselves and our communities.

As the Jupiter Saturn conjunction in Aquarius occurs on the Winter Solstice 2020, it ushers in a new cycle that had previously begun 200 years ago. This begun the Industrial Revolution, which consequently depleted the earth of its resources and made ground for the capitalist economy which is now quickly coming to a close.

We are healers that are dedicated to social justice, ancestral healing and all processes of liberation.

-Oak Kristopher, Rainbow Bridge Healers Market



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