Adelina Tancioco, Spiritual Life Coach & Healer

For over 16 years Adelina Tancioco has worked with groups and individuals through one2one and group counseling or coaching. Adelina, MSW, is trained as a therapist, restorative justice practitioner, and certified coach & consultant, however, she most identifies with being a vessel of healing. As the founder of Surrendered Healing, she specializes in serving Womxn of Color in moving past the Imposter Syndrome and trusting their higher selves to create the abundant lives they truly deserve! For Adelina, everyday is an opportunity to practice gratitude and forgiveness and as a result, Adelina is known for her strong intuitive gift of supporting her clients not only in their current endeavors but also on their spiritual path.
I believe that visioning is an act of revolution within the self and within the world! For hundreds and even thousands of years people from underrepresented identities have been forced to see their dreams as impossible and have even been violently punished for following their intuition. Dr. Shawn Ginwright asserts that “the greatest consequence of oppression is not simply blocked opportunities but the destruction of our ability to dream beyond current conditions.” As such, Surrendered Healing is honored to specialize in assisting and empowering women of color in moving past their limiting beliefs and fears and co-manifesting with God and the Universe ALL that they would love!


Daphnee Marie Galvante Valdez, Babaylan & Reiki Practitioner

birthed from a lineage of pilipinx ancestral healers, i am honored to work spiritually alongside my lola nena and nanay carnay. i bring with me the resilience of the indigenous tao. my mother teaches me the roots and practice of hilot while I incorporate reiki healing. and as a babaylan, i connect with spirit and ancestral guides, as we party and join in ceremony! as a first-generation bi-queerious pinay, i center spiritual activism, reclamation and remembering. i am honored and grateful for this healing legacy and i look forward to guiding others, connecting them with their trinity: higher self, human being & ego!
through the breath there is water and air, through the sun there is fire, through the moon there is earth – rooted in the elements around and within us, my ancestors and I guide you through hilot and reiki energy working alongside the powerful trinity of your essence: your higher self, human & ego. While we tap collectively and conscientiously into our trinity through chakra alignment, we party with the ancestors, offering gifts and receiving clarity with our spiritual missions!
we are not who we are without the community. we cannot do our work in isolation. we must do our work with, within, and in service. activism/radical social justice is rooted in spiritual activism. my work is grounded with the ancestors before me and the descendants after, where we continue to listen to the elements as humble beings to heal soul wounds through decolonization, powerful resilience and deep wisdom.

Minh Clare, Kundalini Activation Process

During KAP, Minh Clare transmits divine energy and light code language to awaken your kundalini and promote healing. In a session, there is a re-wiring of your energetic body to release stuck energy, raising your frequency and aligning you with your higher self. This is a powerful form of energy work. This process leaves the receiver happier, less stressed, more aligned with their purpose and the motivation to make it happen and more connected to their intuition. A session of KAP creates so much alignment that it is easier to maintain a healthy lifestyle, dietary changes, releasing bad habits, letting go of addictions, strengthening manifestation and being in the flow to recognize divine synchronicities.

KAP sessions take place in group settings through Zoom, although online, the effect is incredibly powerful. Minh’s ability to work with this energy is incredible. Her sensitivity as a psychic medium and channel safely guides participants on a journey to allow their angels and spirit guides to come though for healing and better understanding of their situation.

“Minh’s work is highly recommended. I have been doing KAP consistently for 1 year and it has truly changed my life. Clarity, peace and more alignment to my soul path. I come to Minh for KAP at least twice a month for alignment and to stay connected to my heart. This energy work is as powerful as some of my experiences with plant medicine. Minh is truly compassionate and I am inspired by her grace and dedication to healing others.” – Oak Kristopher, Rainbow Bridge Healers Market/ Oak Astrology School



Oak Kristopher, Oak Astrology School 


I am a professional astrologer and community builder based in Los Angeles. I run an online astrology school that is focused toward BIPOC healers and accessibility. As a queer, first generation Filipinx, a lot of my lens on healing is focused toward ancestry and decolonization. I am certified by the NCGR – Professional Astrologers Alliance and continue to cultivate my practice with my mentor, Master Astrologer Lee Horowitz.

My work with astrology brings an individual closer to their essence, by the virtue of physical, mental and spiritual alignment. Being aligned enables a harmonious relationship to self, thus radiating more compassion and understanding to those around us.

I started the Healers Market in 2017 and since then have had many fulfilling memories and cultivated beautiful community friendships. One of the most gratifying experiences in my life is this market because it gives a platform for immensely talented healers and creates a circuit of healing within our communities.