Francesca Z Designs // Handmade Cosmic Jewelry

francescaFrancesca Z Designs is inspired by the interconnectivity of nature, art, and the universe. Every day the sensations of the world transforms our perceptions into something magical. Intrigued by symbology and ancient mysteries, the designer weaves cosmic geometry in a tapestry of reflections on celestial harmonies. Francesca Z Designs recognizes profound beauty in common shapes and patterns and is not afraid of sharp corners.  A believer in the power of alchemy, the designer practices living life creatively with balance and harmony.  Work hard, then let go.  Ebb and flow.  Francesca Z Designs intends to beautify and bring forth the best abilities in oneself with assistance of our sacred resources from our beloved Earth and cosmos.  The artist collaborates with her partner, Nicky Holmes.  Holmes etches one-of-a-kind pieces together creating magical jewelry art.

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