Rebekah Harbour // Zero Balancing Sessions

thumb_IMG_0629_1024Rebekah Harbour, CMT, CZB, CYT, BSc (Psychology) is an internationally recognized Certified Teacher and practitioner of Zero Balancing (ZB) for over 5 years. She studied directly with the founder of ZB, Fritz Smith, an MD, Osteopath and Acupuncturist. She is one of a select group of internationally recognized certified instructors as a faculty member of the U.S. & New Zealand’s Zero Balancing Health Association (ZBHA). Her grounded presence creates a safe space for deep healing for her clients and students.
Rebekah was born in Baltimore, Maryland, and raised at Claymont, a 350-acre, Gurdjieffian intentional community in West Virginia. She lived there from ages three-to-eight years old. She then moved, with her Mom and step-father, to Fielding, New Zealand, onto an 800-acre sheep farm in the southern part of the North Island. Both sets of Rebekah’s parents were steeped in the Gurdjieff tradtiton, a tradition which values the “path of the sly man”, or the “Fourth Way” — the lay man’s path to spiritual enlightenment accessible to ordinary people in everyday life. After graduating from Victoria University in Wellington, New Zealand, with a Bachelor with Honours in Psychology, Rebekah realized that the path of the Western-Psychology Counselor would not honor her driving desire to support people’s holistic growth. She wanted a modality that could address a whole person, body and mind. She began studying Yoga and Pranayama in India, Thai Massage in Thailand and Zero Balancing in New Zealand. Armed with these experiences, she returned to a struggling retreat center — Claymont, the intentional community of her formative years. After six years there, renovating studio spaces, reviving apple orchards, setting up a Community Supported Agriculture program, building chicken coops, and helping Claymont to find greater success in supporting itself as a retreat center, she made the difficult decision to move on. Something wasn’t quite right. While at Claymont, she had come face to face with the Who’s Who of the Zero Balancing Health Association who held their annual retreat at Claymont. During that time, she not only earned her Zero Balancing practitioner certification but also completed Zero Balancing Teacher Training an invite-only multi-year training program whose classes are held internationally. She learned directly from the founder of Zero Balancing, Fritz Smith. She was inspired. Finally, she had found a single modality, a single system, which she felt could address the holistic growth of an entire person, body and mind. Over the next four years, she traveled internationally, teaching Zero Balancing and also giving Zero Balancing sessions to clients who consistently reported amazement at the depth and profundity of their experiences and the internal shifts — both physical and emotional — that their sessions with Rebekah had initiated. One of her biggest struggles has been to communicate how meaningful this practice can be, both to receive and deliver, in terms of its ability to support deep and natural transformation, growth and healing on multiple planes. How do you describe what can only be understood by being felt? Rebekah has found her way back to the Bay Area, the place where her ZB Teacher Training graduation took place, the place where her Massage Certification was earned, and the place where it seems she is meant to be, for now.

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