Rev. Free Woman // Free Woman Healing Arts


Rev. Free Woman will be offering – Root Work: Energy Healing with the Ancestors

‘I believe in the power of the word to heal, create and live’.

Rev. Free Woman was born a Spiritual Medium and Healer who descends from powerful women and men of faith who shared their gifts of the Holy Spirit inside the Christian church.

A gift from her ancestors, Rev. Free Woman has been called to offer her gift of insight and healing outside traditional religious circles and to share with wider audiences.

Rev. Free Woman has been on a 22-year healing journey to heal her inheritance of addiction, abuse, violence and discrimination as part of a larger commitment to social justice.

After providing spiritual insight to over 500 people, Rev. Free Woman realized that many people are stuck in patterns, legacies and trauma of their ancestors.

She is now sharing the tools, wisdom and experience, she has gained on her healing journey through her spiritual healing practice Free Woman Healing Arts. Rev. Free Woman believes that her work in the world is to use the power of her word to inspire people to create their lives from the inside out.

She is currently based in Oakland, California and is the Spiritual Director of Free Woman Healing Arts

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