Maximus Go Gin // Altay Teas


I’m a dedicated promoter of green life – more raw, organic, sustainable, and local. More detox in our lives! More exercises! Wise food choices! More herbal teas, more yoga, more creativity. You soul should sing the most beautiful song of thoughts.

Come and grab a unique herbal chai’s from Maximus of Altay Teas. Altay Teas is a pioneer in the distribution of wellness teas from the remote region of Altay Mountains. It’s home to over 500 unique endemic herbs, which only exist in this mountain region. Special soil conditions of Altay fields provide a perfect environment for local plants. It makes every herb growing in this high elevation super potent, packed with powerful natural vitamins and bioflavonoids. All of our organic wellness teas are organic, sustainably wild-crafted, carefully inspected, and hand blended in micro-batches at the source, before being imported to the continental US. We are super excited to re-introduce traditional Altay herbs back to modern culture! We believe people in our society deserve more Peace and Wellbeing, and drinking our teas, is one of the most easy, and delicious ways to invite wellness into your day. Welcome to the Altay Herbal Tea Culture! A natural, herbal alternative for people to live healthy and delicious life. Happy Tea Time!

ivan chai fresh

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