Megan Bovis // Biofield Tuning and Energy Healing

IMG_1186-1I am a Biofield Tuning and subtle energy practitioner. I love working with people and helping them bring more resiliency and wellbeing into their lives.
I am a Certified Biofield Tuning practitioner, level 3 Reiki practitioner, and Master Metatronia Therapy practitioner. I also integrate flower essences and crystals/stones into these modalities. I love working and connecting with others through my hands. Through these modalities, I hope to help people find physical and emotional resiliency and the capacity to affect positive change in their lives.
I was first drawn to working with subtle energy in 2002 through experiencing the deep nurturing power of Reiki. That same year, I had a profound shift through the power of sound that propelled me on a journey that I continue today.

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