Kai Gruezo // Kai Celeste Healing

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Kai is an energetic healer and certified massage therapist that specializes in womb health & healing.
“The feminine energy of our collective is in need of deep healing. The work that I do is based in focusing on this healing. As a collective, regardless of gender, we all have this energy within us. It is what connects us to the creator, our mother earth. This work focuses on releasing any traumas that have been passed down from lineage or held from direct experience that has created separation to that connection, in order to rebuild trust and honor our intuitive nature and wisdom.”
My practice is inspired by the teachings of mentors that have assisted me in my own healing journey. At World School of Massage and Holistic Healing arts (2012), I was able to delve into healing practices during a time of my life where I was just beginning to awaken to the innate process and it was a profound experience. I can only commit to sharing it from this place of gratitude.
I have been able to take my work all throughout the Bay Area and the Hawaii Islands. My ancestral lineage is rooted in the Philippines and in my work I carry this sacred healing of those that came before me. This work is close to my heart and I am blessed to share it with those who are called to walk this journey beside me.


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