Chelsea Rutherford // Artemisia Herbs and Acupuncture


My name is Chelsea Blake Rutherford and I am an integrative healthcare practitioner, with over 10 years of experience in the healing arts world, including whole foods nutrition counseling, bodywork/massage, energy work, acupuncture and herbalism. I think all perspectives are important (western and eastern, mind, body and soul) as each individual has their own unique needs.

I received my masters in science from AIMC Berkeley 2 years ago, where I focused on western and Chinese medicine.  This last year I’ve spent learning western herbology on the coast of Mendocino with Sister Spinster. I’m now looking at a PhD program in acupuncture at the acupuncture school in San Francisco, ACTCM.

I’ve always been drawn to the healing arts and i truly feel that it is my calling in life. I started my journey at the Heartwood Institute, in the mountains of Garberville in Southern Humboldt at the young budding age of 21. I did the “Asian Healing Arts and Whole Foods Nutrition” program with renowned author, Paul Pitchford and received a certification in nutritional counseling, shiatsu and swedish massage. From there, I taught classes on nutrition and built a bodywork practice.

I continued my studies with Sifu Jerry Alan Johnson at the International Institute of Medical Qi Gong and learned about energy work and psychic energy.

Finally I decided to make the jump to acupuncture school at 27 years old and enrolled at AIMC Berkeley, where I studied orthopedic/pain acupuncture at UC Berkeley, interned with Dr. Hua Ling Xu at AIMC, Berkeley studying obstetrics and gynecology, studied Japanese style facial rejuvenation acupuncture with Barbara Martello and completed a Neurological and Stroke Rehab Internship with Dr. Shi Xue Min at the University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Tianjin, China.

While i have experience in treating a wide range of conditions, I specialize in mental emotional issues such as depression, anxiety, insomnia, mania etc and orthopedic bodily pain being either chronic or acute, digestive upset, menstrual issues and many other ailments.

Outside of the private practice I maintain on the border of Oakland and Berkeley, I enjoy singing and making music, using plants for natural dying, jewelry making, mushroom hunting, dancing, hiking, traveling, making delicious and healthy food and constantly growing my community by meeting new people and friends.

At the Bay Area Healers Market I’ll be providing ear seed sessions and selling herbal products i’ve made like tinctures, salves, room sprays and other tools of divination such as the mullein witch torch and turkey feather smudge wands.  Come say hi!


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