Lea Tupili Arellano // Two Spirit Urban Medicine

fullsizerender-3Part of our aspiration with this market is to bridge generations of healers, so that we can learn from our experienced elders and carry wisdom into further generations. We are very honored to have Lea Arellano of Two Spirit Urban Medicine at the Healers Market! Lea is an empathic intuitive, medicine bag full of offerings, radical educator, truth teller & activist.

“Greetings and hola beloveds! I am a two-spirit fourth-generation medicine carrier, dedicated to helping my human family survive the urban! I am 66 years old with no pharmaceuticals and no disease. I am my own doctor I am my own medicine person. I have spent decades reclaiming myself and my health and decolonizing my life. I am here to help you do the same. I have a growing medicine practice in the bay area and I am an educator for the foster care system advocating and educating for the well-being of foster youth. I provide consults guidance and ceremonies to transform the lives of our peoples! I specialize in decolonizing the mind! I have spent my life healing myself from white supremacy, from misogyny, from homophobia and all of the things that come with it! I have had many teachers and have much to share which is my work as an elder. It is time to pass on these medicines to my younger communities! I have younger medicine carriers that I mentor. Inside a journey of dignity, I call people back into their spiritual practices and into their powers! Help folks get more deeply in touch with their sacred contract. We have lost sight of so many medicines time to reclaim them! Animate in awaken all of our healers! I am a social justice activist I began that career in the 60’s. I am still at it !!! I’m a writer, a performance artist, a dancer and a truth teller! I have a variety of medicines in my medicine bag please come and visit me meet me and get to know me. I will be offering community ceremonies in the spring and summer come and sign the mailing list for your invitations. Thank you to the organizers of this much-needed event. Aho, ache’!!! Let us all heal together!!! I will be offering medicines and getting you brief instructions on how to utilize them for your good!!

I am in the Bay Area 37 years where I have healed, learned, studied, loved, lost, found, and fell in Love with Oakland. I have died 3 times and resurrected my body and health each time in partnership with The Divine Feminine and The Divine Masculine. This is how I have learned most of my medicines, my own deaths and lives. I am 66 years old with no illness, no western medicines in my body. I carry both genders and both medicines, the female and the male. Female feminist orientation and deep activism. I mentor young medicine folks, I provide public ceremonies, medicine workshops, I can see and intuit. I see individuals, couples, families. I do birth and death ceremonies. Come see me at this event and or my private medicine studio (510)410-6373. Gracias a la vida.”


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