Consuelo Inez // Inez Healing Arts

2015-08-20 19.25.47R Consuelo Inez – Honoring the Traditional Indigenous Medicine Wisdom of My Ancestors – Inez is an intuitive energy medicine practitioner, certified sound healer, ayurvedic and healing touch therapist. She is a trained herbal medicine-woman, mindfulness meditation and hypnotherapy guide. She integrates ancient healing techniques through touch, music, sounds, chants, songs and tuning vibrations from various indigenous and modern instruments. She specializes in women’s health offering the sacred traditional Mayan abdominal healing massage, abhyanga therapeutic detox bodywork, aromatherapy (essential oils & plants), mindfulness living, acupressure, chi gong and reflexology. Alternative medicine played an important role in Inez’s childhood healing from asthma and allergies which inspired her vegetarian way of life for over the past 25 years. She found her calling as a healer as a young single mother needing to find natural low-cost medicinal treatments to heal her three sons, herself and her community. In addition, she cared for her mother battling with Alzheimer’s and cancer by alleviating her pain and anxiety through sound healing, and herbal medicines. Inez has an affinity for social injustice, especially as it relates to the elders and children as well as issues related to autism, cancer, mental health disparities, trauma and substance abuse. She particularly motivated to find answers through various holistic modalities. As an apprentice to a Mayan medicine-woman/midwife/shaman, Beatrice Waight from Belize, Inez learned to refine her natural energy healing techniques. She found solace in the power of sacred healing prayers, validation of her intuitive abilities and practices; a greater love for the plants and an understanding of our ultimate need for their medicine. In addition, she was received and encouraged by the Curanderos of New Mexico to continue to solidify her indigenous work. Currently Inez has a private healing practice, leads a weekly sound healing meditation group, supports a woman’s healing circle, teaches self-love, forgiveness, mindfulness living and grief healing workshops incorporating sound therapy, and energy medicine. She volunteers as an Elder for The Stepping Stones Project working with youth and rites of passage and The Cancer Support Community. “Facilitating peace and wellbeing for a Sacred Life Journey.” For more information:, 925-858-8631

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