Heather Figueroa // Healing With Heather

unnamed (3)I came into being an official healer by way of a long life of being a psychic empath and having strong medium abilities. By profession, I am a teacher and musician, and spend remaining time energy healing.
At an age of three, I began having my first medium experiences with family members who had passed, but I had never met. This became normal for me and accepted by all family members and close friends in my life. I became a teacher and also a classically trained vocalist. In all aspects of my life, I utilized my strong empath gifts to, what I now know was to, evoke and foster healing in others. At age 38 I experienced a trauma that set my life into a tailspin. That tailspin allowed me to give complete control to the guidance of the universe and my guides, as I was completely lost and helpless. This path led me to an energy healing course, where I became certified, and also became a level three reiki practitioner. My life has blossomed and I can literally say that this gift I have for energetic healing has benefited many, but mostly it’s benefitted me and allowed me to give back to the world in a way that I could have never imagined.


“Heather’s touch is gentle, intuitive and loving. I have had several energy work sessions with her and trust her completely with my well being. Working with Heather has brought me insight, love, clarity and peace. She incorporates a range of energy practices such as Holy Fire reiki, EFT tapping and chakra work with pendulums and crystals. After healing sessions with Heather I feel both calm and re-energized and then she encourages me to write so that I may capture any insight or thoughts to learn from. When you open yourself up to healing with Heather you can trust that her loving intuition will guide her to what needs love and attention most.” -Danielle LaBarre

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