Oak Kristopher, Oak Astrology School

Untitled design (5)I am a professional astrologer and community builder based in Los Angeles. I run an online astrology school that is focused toward BIPOC healers and accessibility. As a queer, first generation Filipinx, a lot of my lens on healing is focused toward ancestry and decolonization. I am certified by the NCGR – Professional Astrologers Alliance and continue to cultivate my practice with my mentor, Master Astrologer Lee Horowitz.

My work with astrology brings an individual closer to their essence, by the virtue of physical, mental and spiritual alignment. Being aligned enables a harmonious relationship to self, thus radiating more compassion and understanding to those around us.

I started the Healers Market in 2017 and since then have had many fulfilling memories and cultivated beautiful community friendships. One of the most gratifying experiences in my life is this market because it gives a platform for immensely talented healers and creates a circuit of healing within our communities.




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