House of Kellen // Energy Healing and Runes

9373332We are extremely excited to have superstar Marie join us April 1!

Marie has been my psychic energy healer off and on for about 2 years now. I find her consistently insightful and intuitive to whatever I am going through, finding the deeper layers and roots of struggle. I always leave my sessions with her pointed on the right path and feeling lighter. I enjoy her more measured and almost scientific approach. None of the hippy dippy BS that turns me off of other psychics. With her warm and real life approach I would highly recommend her. – Kelsey K.

Marie is a certified a Certified ThetaHealer® with a deep intuitive background. She has completed the DNA seminar in the ThetaHealing® technique that allows the practitioner to heal their client on a molecular level. This is a powerful and highly effective process that can help one transform stagnant or difficult patterning.

As a healer, she finds trapped and buried emotions to weed them out and helps untangle and make sense of interpersonal relationships.  She focuses on finding the earliest occurrence of each belief or emotional that is not working in order to heal it at the source.

Her work with relationships mostly focuses on clearing out the energy cords that connect us all and rebuilding trust. Coming from a family of gifted women she has developed a variety of ways to work with all types of people.

She was a shaman’s apprentice, has worked clearing ghosts, reads tarot and her hand-made runes, and has developed new ways of reading the energy of how people relate to each other. More info at

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