Mallory Wilson // Herbal Elixirs, Salves & Balms Herban Provisions


imageMallory has been a practicing herbalist and aromatherapist for four years and is currently mentoring with Patricia Cramer at the World School of Holistic Health in San Francisco. She works mindfully to ensure that all clients and customers can confidently use Herban Provisions products as part of their holistic self-care routine. All Herban Provisions products are “Mindfully Made” using only the highest quality ingredients. All supplies are 100% organic, vegan, and concern-free [no alcohol, cruelty, parabens, CFC, petroleum jelly, talc, aluminum and other heavy metals that can negatively affect health! Herban Provisions creates their products safely without the use of microwaves, known carcinogens, or containers that shed inorganic materials. Any fragrances used are 100% organic, pure and plant-based created from essential oil combinations that they curate themselves. More info on Mallory’s products at

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