Kerry Watson // ODARA skincare


As a trained herbalist, nutrition consultant, aromatherapist and licensed esthetician, Kerry has spent the last 20 years deeply immersed in the world of natural skin and botanical products. Many of the “natural” skin care products on the market make all kinds of confusing label claims like “paraben free”, “no SLS”, “all natural” and “organic”. These types of claims focus on one or two important aspects of what an all-natural skincare product should be but one look at the ingredients label often reveals loads of synthetic ingredients, harmful preservatives and skin irritants.
anti-aging-face-creamKerry has spent the last two years formulating this beautiful product line, without the use of synthetic or isolated ingredients. All ODARA products are designed to balance the skin’s microbiome. We have nearly 1 trillion beneficial bacteria that live on the surface of our skin. These bacteria are responsible for loads of important functions that keep our skin healthy including cleaning up cellular waste, eating dead skin cells and protecting us from harmful micro-organisms. Traditional skin care products strip the skin of it’s oil and expose us to toxins that upset the balance of the skin’s microbiota. The ingredients used in the ODARA formulations are in the form of whole, unadulterated herbs, flowers, essential oils, hydrosols and carrier oils. Using botanical ingredients in their original and whole form is like feeding the skin with the highest quality super-food available.
Kerry learned about the importance of formulating products with non-comedogenic ingredients through the work of Dr. James Fulton while working as an esthetician at skinSALVATION, San Francisco’s Original Acne Clinic. The ingredients used in the ODARA line rate between 0-2* on the comedogenicity scale which means that they won’t contribute to the development of acne lesions on the skin. This is something that is extremely important to Kerry as a longtime acne sufferer. Learning how to manage the condition through proper diet, lifestyle choices and skin care turned her life around and inspired her to help others with complicated skin issues.
botanical-perfumeThe essential oils and hydrosols used in the ODARA line of products are carefully selected for their therapeutic actions as well as their delicious aromatic qualities. All of the ODARA products are hand made by Kerry in small batches in her studio located in San Francisco. ODARA products contain custom blended essential oils and aromatic ingredients that have been designed to impart a heavenly aromatic experience as well as provide the skin with the naturally occurring botanical compounds that work to improve the skin’s clarity, texture and tone giving the skin a more youthful and healthy glow.
ODARA is dedicated to creating artisanal hand crafted skin care products in small batches using minimal preservatives and the highest quality whole plant ingredients. Each ingredient has been carefully selected after extensive research and testing. ODARA represents the pinnacle of conscious botanical skin care. Every ingredient has it’s own unique purpose and is expertly combined to formulate products to produce a synergist effect on the skin. We believe that whole unprocessed plant ingredients contain all the naturally occurring compounds that the skin needs to maintain it’s highest level of health and beauty.

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