Aaron Strong // Infinite Empathy Bodywork

massage-picAaron Strong will be offering restorative bodywork at the Healers Market on April 1.

“I specialize in the relaxation of the muscles and other tissue by the response of the nervous system. Through methods, knowledge, and techniques both modern and practiced for centuries, the body can find a balance and promote healing and well-being.

Earlier in my life, I completed six years of military service plus manual labor that left my back in intense pain. Due to the pain, my breathing was inhibited, my energy drained, and as a consequence, my mood and emotional states suffered. While heavy doses of prescribed medications help numb the pain, traditional therapies such as acupuncture, acupressure, tui-na, and shiatsu have restored damaged muscles and provided healing beyond pain-relief. When I dedicate time for myself to receive these therapies, my energy is restored, I am able to work further toward my goals, and my whole emotional state is uplifted. The healing I receive from massage inspired my journey to become a California Certified Massage Therapist.
I was born and have lived most of my life here in Oakland, among an array of diverse communities. Since childhood, I have enjoyed making music as a hobby. After my military service, I earned a degree in Sound Engineering from Ex’pression College. In addition to offering bodywork, I am currently a freelance sound engineer, helping underground Bay Area musicians produce independent music. I play the harmonica along with a selection of other instruments. I am currently working on integrating my massage practice with my sound engineering skills to provide sound therapy and sound acupressure.
As a parent to an energetic ten-year old, I spend much of my free time on Dad duty, which requires physical strength and energy in itself.
Traditional healing and massage therapy help me restore my damaged muscles, breathe properly, release stress, and find a sense of wholeness and harmony that awakens my energy and creativity on a spiritually holistic level. I am a better parent, musician, and healer when I take time for my own healing. Ultimately, my aim is to expand access to this kind of massage therapy healing to all others who can benefit from it as I do.
The act of dedicating some time to our own health and relaxation, allowing us to then interface with ourselves and others from a place of calm compassion, may be a simple yet powerful step in the overall movement toward a more holistically healthy world.”


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