Oak Kristopher // Oak Astrology

IMG_2210I’m a queer astrologer, San Francisco native & magical community builder. In gratitude, I am professionally certified under the mentorship of Adam Sommer and dilligently continue to expand my own practice. I combine modern psychological astrology with traditional methods (Hellenistic + planetary magic) as well as integrate herbal/flower remedies & food into my readings.

I am dedicated to helping people get their lives. Whether it is helping someone make important decisions, getting to know themselves in a deeper way or simply giving perspective on a challenging time in life.

I give practical advice using your unique planetary archetypes. The placement of the physical planets at the time of birth, sets the stage for one’s personality, patterns and experiences in life.

Through working with me, we can explore inherent strengths and places of growth in one’s personality, the best way to utilize the upcoming planetary influences and even confirm one’s path in life.

I am deeply passionate about the intersection of physical, mental and spiritual health and the journey to achieve and maintain that balance. 

In my opinion, growing up in the colorful Bay Area gives individuals the freedom to express radical authenticity and to live in one’s truth – I wish for my work to reflect the spirit of this place.

Here’s an interview on my perspective on astrology and practice.



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