Aurelia & Magdalena // Process Coaching +Self Healing Tools



Aurelia is from Europe, her native tongue is french, she lives in Northern california, and has two children. She is a certified Process Coach, Reiki practitioner, sound healer and a free form dancer. She is also permaculture certified, and she is involved in social justice activism. In the last decade she has been healing in the deeper layer of her being, reclaiming her true self. Aurelia is passionate about exploring and supporting others to have the life they truly desire, and share her healing tools with you.
“I believe that we are all our own healer, and my job is to help enabling these abilities in people who desires to go forward on their healing journey, and manifest what they truly want to manifest in their lives.”


12803173_10153893496191698_9138927911773077170_nMagdalena has devoted almost two decades in search of the most meaningful practices for stepping out of the mind and reconnecting in our Body. She leads Process Coaching, Yoga Nidra and Yoga classes and series in the Mendocino Coast, with a focus on allowing the inner harmony and deep intuition to surface and reveal it’s wisdom.

Magdalena has a BA in Design, and started teaching Yoga in her homeland Chile in 2002. She is a ERYT 400, and graduated from the Iyengar Yoga Institute of San Francisco, and the Yoga Tune Up Training. She is a Process Coach, and Teacher of Process Coaching and an IRest Yoga Nidra Level 2 teacher. Magdalena is also a Reiki master, and uses energy healing as a complement to the process of reconnection to our Wholeness. Magdalena is also a plant based passionate, lives in the Mendocino Coast with her husband, two kids and two dogs.

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