Ellan Kline // Groundshaker Chant Cartomancy and Self-Care

unnamed (2)Ellan is an Oakland-based queer cartomancer, witch, and intuitive healer from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She helps create space for people to heal themselves through relaxing and listening to the guidance of their bodies and subconscious. She firmly believes that the work of healers lies in teaching people how to become their own healers, creating a positive ripple effect throughout communities.

“I believe that true healing happens when we are able to radically accept what is happening in the present moment. I aim to provide a supportive space for folx to let go of tension and relax into the space between thoughts. I also believe that everyone has the right to heal themselves and that healers are responsible for empowering others to control their own healing journey. I want people to leave interactions feeling more in control of their process than when they arrive and believe education is key in making that happen.”



unnamed (1)

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