Sandra Kathleen // Sound Healing & Jewelry

image1Sandra Kathleen Bowling, MA, LMFT, works as a transpersonal psychotherapist, body worker and jewelry artist in Berkeley, California. Sandra’s passionate about supporting emotional health and empowerment with her clients. Sandra sees clients for counseling, coaching and body work. Sandra specializes in working with anxiety and depression, adjustment to change, grief, trauma, existential/spiritual crisis, and managing chronic illness. Sandra’s body work combines tuning forks, singing bowls, bells, hands on massage and energy work in order release energetic and emotional congestion and provide clients with a sense of refreshment. Sandra also works in summer camp community environments as a mental health first aid provider, support counselor and educator.

I work with tuning forks, singing bowls, bells, my hands, and other instruments to support release and transformation. I also make jewelry specializing in uncommon gemstones and custom make talismans and jewelry to support empowered embodiment. I also sell some crystals to be used for energy work and healing.”


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