Lore Ross // Channel & Spiritual Counselor

Lore Ross_MarionCharlottePhotography-44

Lore Ross is a Channel and Spiritual Counselor. Her deep trust allows Source to speak through her body in Ancient Dialects, harmonic tones, sound and vibration. Aligned with Source, she offers a gentle, non-directed approach to healing and transformation for trauma, grief, illness, injury, as well as offering insight and guidance into multiple areas in one’s life.

Lore holds supportive space as awareness emerges over the recognition of stories held inside our body and energy from Ancestral Lineage, DNA, and cellular memory. Releasing stories and designs no longer needed, creates a lightness and freedom, as transformation is allowed to flower and nourish. With awareness, every moment presents the opportunity to breathe and feel safe inside of our bodies and energies.

Lore works in person and in Distance sessions with both individuals and groups. She supports women, children, men, families, animals, trees and plant life, and homes.

Lore holds a BS in Psychology, Counseling and an MA in English, Creative Writing. In addition, she is a Certified Massage Therapist, Certified Reiki Master, and BodyTalk Systems Practitioner. Lore is currently writing her memoir.




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