Raynelle Rino // Healing Hikes + Coaching


In 2016 Raynelle started Rino Consulting Solutions, a nature-based consulting firm that provides coaching and consulting services for professionals and other businesses. It’s mission is to support and inspire the leaders of today to live in the confidence of their identities as they move through a world in the midst of social, racial, and environmental transformation. As the Principal Owner, I help diverse professionals in the social sector increase their capacity to create change in their communities without the burnout and emotional overwhelm by practicing self-care in nature.

Our firm believes that:

-nature provides that grounding knowledge and space to be fully heard and transformed into our true being

-that each person/organization already has the capacity to live an intentional and meaningful life and

-in order to impact real change in others and the world we must first walk into our own trenches, heal through our own pains and struggles and confront the parts of our story that create diversions away from being our best selves.

-the process that informs this journey towards transformation embraces the identities in society with the practices of reclaiming our ancestral connections to nature as the tool towards justice


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