Adelina Tancioco // Intuitive Healing Sessions and Meditations

60-adelina_robinclarkAdelina is a Spiritual Life Coach and Healer with an indigenous healing gift of communicating with the Divine and ancestors. She is grateful to serve others in hearing and listening to their Inner Guides to fulfill their life purpose.
“​As a Certified Spiritual Life Coach & Inspirational Speaker, I can help you design and manifest a life that is in harmony with your Soul’s purpose. I specialize in supporting women of color, non-binary individuals, and other people from underrepresented communities stop living a life on auto-pilot and instead co-manifest with the Universe/God their deepest desires and create richer and more fulfilling lives! When I was 5 years old I learned about my familial indigenous gift of intuition through a dream and have since continued to hone in on my intuitive gifts through guidance from my ancestors and God. Through their support, I was guided to study under some of the greatest teachers of intuition and now have a 4-step system for precise and purposeful manifestation to support people past their limiting beliefs and fears into a life that they love! As a sought-after speaker, trainer, and certified coach my workshops and coaching programs empower people to break-through limitations and achieve greater results than they have known before. If you are looking to increase your clarity, amplify your confidence and achieve your next level of success my coaching programs can help you get there!”

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