Cassandra Daisy Spellman // Tarot Therapy

29550337_10214646232163802_1104274287_nYo soy Boricua raised on the southern west coast of California and have been in pursuit of esoteric bruja magick since as far back as I can remember. In 1996 the internet entered my 11 year old reality and made the hunt for information that much easier. I printed out a thumbnail sized version of the Rider Waite tarot deck, glued them to card stock and began getting myself acquainted. In the twenty one years proceeding I have never stopped the learning process. Through a wide variety of books, workshops, multitude of tarot decks and guides I have gleaned that Tarot is merely a set of archetypes to help express the common intricacies of humanity. In my work as a tarot reader (and as a healer in general) I do not seek to heal you or tell you how your future will go. My job is to use the cards and my connection to spirit to hold an empowering conversation with you. To create a space that helps enable you to make the right choices for your life, to help you see that you know what’s best for you and certainly have the power to heal yourself.

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