Oak Kristopher // Spiritual Consultant + Astrologer

IMG_2598.jpgI am a spiritual consultant, professional astrologer and magical community builder from San Francisco currently based in New York City.

My work with astrology offers a lens that describes an individual’s needs for health and balance – As everyone is completely unique, astrology accurately deciphers and provides practical ways to feel connected to your own essence.
In a reading, we identify the tools, strengths and areas of growth that are occurring within one’s life. This can be a type of growth that is consistent throughout life, as well as recognizing what areas of life are currently requiring attention.
My style is casual & deep -(^.^)-, come by my table and we can have a chat

My practice as a spiritual consultant combines the elements of food, herbals, bodywork, energetic space clearing and astrology. The core principle of my work guides people to deepen their understanding of their individual nature (essence) and gives a lens to an individuals disposition of health (mental + physical + spiritual) and also provides self-care tools that are specific to their nature.

Here’s a podcast about some of my perspectives on healing .


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