Ruta Lauleva Lua’iufi Aiono // Formulas to Heal & Hold the Heart through Transformation

IMG_8114Ruta Lauleva is a queer & emo teine afatasi passionate about radical reproductive justice and deep transformational healing. She has spent the last almost decade learning to recognize patterns of pain in herself and her loved ones and comes to this work with the intention of learning from and healing these patterns as a necessary part of collective liberation. She is informed by the traditional wisdom of her family, has studied with teachers in California, Arizona and New Mexico and is always learning from the plants themselves. She currently works as a community herbalist in SF, as a flower essence practitioner with individuals and as a full-spectrum doula supporting all phases of pregnancy and loss through nutritional counseling, herbal medicine and emotional / educational support. he is grateful to the desert for lessons in liberation, resilience and quiet joy, to all of her teachers who have trusted and believed in her, to all the lessons that humble and ground her and to her ancestors for their guidance and protection. ❤

The use of flowers and flower waters has a long history in many cultures. Each plant has a particular way of thriving in a given environment and through entrainment with its energy / lessons we are offered another way to be in the world. A modern western adaptation of this medicine is the flower essence- an imprint and preservation of a plant’s vital force in spring water. I will be selling the flower essences of my friend and teacher, Mimi Kamp [ ], who works primarily with desert flowers. In my experience, the desert plants offer lessons through a lens of realism and compassion that support courage, strength and beauty in transformation.

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