Oak Kristopher // Astrologer

IMG_2598.jpgI’m an astrologer from San Francisco and am currently based in New York City.  I’m deeply grateful to my mentor Adam Sommer and additionally certified by the NCGR- Professional Astrologers Alliance.

My work with astrology offers a lens that describes an individual’s needs for health and balance – As everyone is completely unique, astrology accurately deciphers and provides practical ways to feel connected to your own essence.

In a reading, we identify the tools, strengths and areas of growth that are occurring within one’s life. This can be a type of growth that is consistent throughout life, as well as recognizing what areas of life are currently requiring attention.
My style is casual & deep -(^.^)-, come by my table and we can have a chat.

The core principle of my work guides individuals to deepen their understanding of their own nature (essence) and gives a lens to the disposition of health (mental + physical + spiritual) and also provides individualized self-care tools.

Here’s a podcast about some of my perspectives on healing .



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