Brenda Salgado // Nepantla Consulting

Brenda with TreesBrenda Salgado is founder of Nepantla Consulting, and is currently in the process of establishing the Nepantla Center for Healing and Renewal. She holds degrees in Biology (BA), Developmental Psychology (BA), and Animal Behavior (MS). Brenda has over 17 years of experience in leadership development, nonprofit management, spiritual teaching, movement building, women’s health, and environmental and social justice. She has also received training from indigenous elders in traditional medicine, limpias and healing ceremony. She serves on the boards of Movement Strategy Center and the Lion’s Roar Foundation, and is a Founding Member of WisdomWomen. In the past, she has served as the Director of the East Bay Meditation Center, and as a Senior Fellow at the Movement Strategy Center. She is author of Real World Mindfulness for Beginners: Navigate Daily Life One Practice at a Time. Trained by Purepecha, Xochimilco Toltec and other indigenous elders in traditional medicine, Brenda draws on the healing powers of the natural world to guide her work as a spiritual leader. Her current projects are focused on mindfulness, transformational leadership, sacred economics, land trusts for social good, ceremony for collective healing and consciousness transformation, and the weaving of mindfulness and indigenous teachings for our times. She is committed to co-creating a society filled with wholeness and beauty. She is grateful to her ancestors for the values that have led her to spirituality, healing, leadership development, and social justice work.

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